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General information


Thank you for logging on to our site, we’re happy to give you some important info about our beach.


Beach 96 is open daily from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., during these hours all our amenities are in full function.


For your safety and maximum security the daily “Lifeguard Service” controls the sea in front of our lido, the Lifeguards are especially trained and well experienced, they can be recognised by the “Salvataggio” slogan on their T shirts.
They use special red-coloured rafts and supervise the sea from their watchtowers.
We would like to remind you however that sea bathing should be made at least 4 hours after having eaten since a too full a stomach may cause sudden faintness which could be dangerous in the water.


The beach in Cattolica is protected by breakwaters, at “Beach 96” the distance between the shore and the breakwaters is about 50 metres, in this area the sea is calm and perfectly safe for all, children included. The shore shelves gradually towards the open sea and you can reach the breakwaters on foot. The signposts in the water with the writing “Pericolo Acqua Alta” warn you that the water there is deep and only for better swimmers. There are also warning flags on the beach, when the flag is red, bathing is not advisable.


The “Publiphono” service is available from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 a.m.;
it’s a megaphone service and is mainly used for “lost children”. Contact the bathing attendant if you’ve lost or found a child! Beach 96 has an immediate interphone connection with the service.


“Beach 96” has a regular “First Aid Box” to cope with the less serious injuries such as small wounds, insect bites, jellyfish and sea urchin burns. For serious problems the emergency service 118 is on call.


For our guests’ recreation, on the seashore, weather permitting, row boats and pedal boats for hire. These are safe and unsinkable and are allowed to go a maximum distance of 300 metres from the shore.


Beach 96 is the first lido in Cattolica to have a webcam, giving you the possibility to observe the beach from home and decide at the last minute whether to book a weekend or a few days by the sea.


Beach 96 as well as the traditional sunshades and loungers offers its guests amenities that are a complete novelty for the Romagnole Riviera and difficult to find in other lidos in Cattolica. Here are a few of them:
Pool, whirlpool, water games, organised entertainment, Technogym exercise area, panoramic bar-restaurant, wifi, nursery cabin, play area, waterslide, giant draughts, changing cabins, toilets, bowls, hot shower, table tennis, mini-club, group dancing, shed where lilos etc can be left and, last but not least, the constant attention of the proprietors Augusto and Stefano, of the entertainment team and of the assistant bathing attendant. Our amenities are similar to those of a holiday club but managed by experienced bathing attendants and are all included (except for a small part) in the price of the sunshade and loungers. For our rates (similar to those of other lidos in Cattolica) please visit our web-site: or contact us by telephone: +39 0541 830430


Beach 96 is the only lido in Cattolica to have the “Acqua Beach Playground” a special enclosed area for the fun of young and old. During the hottest part of the day, at our lido and only there, you can refresh yourself with the water jets that come out of the floor and spurt to a height of over 2 metres, splash in the pool, take part in the Acquagym courses, massage yourself under the jets or under the waterfall or just relax in the whirlpool (€ 2,50 per person) ….all included in the price of the sunshade, with no extra costs.


Beach 96 Augusto & Stefano have state-of-the-art equipment on their lido, all in fabulous, well-mixed colours. It’s also a wheelchair friendly lido in all its aspects.


All the lidos in Cattolica have to respect the local and regional regulations. A copy of these regulations is to be found on the notice board near the changing cabins and guests are invited to read it upon arrival.


Oltre al tradizionale noleggio di ombrelloni e lettini, sono tanti i servizi a disposizione gratuita della clientela.

  • Cabina nursery
  • Pedalò
  • Cassaforte
  • Bar
  • Balli di gruppo
  • Aquagym
  • Risveglio muscolare
  • Wifi
  • Deposito giochi

Poi, ogni giorno, simpatici animatori allieteranno il tempo libero dei vostri bimbi con tante allegre iniziative. Venite a scoprirle… vi aspettiamo!